Employment Assistance


CareerConnect – Empowering futures through meaningful work

REH is dedicated to empowering refugees and immigrants by providing tailored support to help them secure meaningful employment opportunities. Recognizing the diverse needs and backgrounds of our clients, we take a holistic approach to address the various challenges they may face in the job market. From language and skill development to cultural integration and professional networking, our organization is committed to offering comprehensive services that foster self-sufficiency and long-term success. By understanding the unique strengths and aspirations of each individual, we aim to create customized programs that not only bridge the gap between their existing skills and the demands of the job market but also nurture a sense of belonging and community. Through collaborative efforts and a deep commitment to inclusivity, we strive to be a guiding force in helping refugees and immigrants build fulfilling and sustainable careers, fostering empowerment and contributing to the vibrancy of our diverse community. 

We are committed to fostering self-sufficiency through our comprehensive Employment Assistance Program. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by refugees and immigrants in the job market, our program is designed to provide tailored support at every step of the employment journey. From refining resumes and practicing interview skills to navigating job searches and securing successful employment. Through strategic partnerships with employers and community organizations, we bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. Join us on this transformative mission as we work collaboratively to empower refugees and immigrants, fostering a future of resilience, dignity, and meaningful contribution to their new communities. Together, we build pathways to success and self-sufficiency.

- Personalized Career Guidance:
Receive one-on-one assistance through an Individual Employment Plan (IEP) from experienced career counselors who understand the unique challenges faced by refugees and immigrants. We tailor our guidance to align with individual skills, aspirations, and career goals.

- Skill Development Workshops:
Participate in workshops designed to enhance essential job-seeking skills, including resume and cover letter writing, interview techniques, and effective communication in the workplace.

- Job Search and Placement Services:
Access our extensive network of employers and job opportunities. We assist in job searches, application processes, and connect individuals with employers seeking diverse and talented candidates.

- Cultural Integration Support:
Navigate the workplace with confidence through our cultural integration support. From understanding workplace norms to effective communication strategies, we ensure a smooth transition into the professional environment.

- Ongoing Career Support:
Our commitment doesn't end with job placement. We provide ongoing support to ensure sustained career success. This includes mentorship programs, professional development opportunities, and access to networking events.

REH’s Employment Assistance program is more than a job placement service; it’s a holistic approach to empowerment and self-sufficiency. Join us on this transformative journey towards building careers and brighter futures. Together, we empower lives through employment.